Four of our international Artists are offering unique opportunities to Toronto-Area artists.
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Playwright workshop with Carlos Satizábal of Colombia
Saturday 1 & Sunday October 2, 1:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.

Explore dramaturgical approaches to creating alternative, socially motivated theatre. We begin by making a list of spaces and the emotional moments that we have lived in those spaces. Each participant will then write small scenes based on those emotional spaces. The second part of the workshop involves creating a dramaturgical structure with these scenes and assembling them into a short play. Primary Language: Spanish.

Rhythm Writings with Jackeline Rago
Monday October 3 & Tuesday October 4, 1pm – 4pm

Rhythm Writings is a two-day intensive master class workshop in which participants will explore polyrhythmic body percussion and interdisciplinary collective creation. This workshop is geared towards artists working in the disciplines of theatre, dance, spoken word, visual art and/or music, who are interested in hybrid, collective creation processes. The workshop will take participants on a creative journey incorporating games, dances and folk songs from several Latin American and Caribbean countries. Get ready to travel and experience your own rhythm writings.

Building the Scene with Teatro de los Andes
Saturday October 8, Sunday October 9 & Monday October 10, 10am – 2pm

The creation of images on stage and improvisation are the basis for Theatre of the Andes’ collective creation approach. The goal is to create poetic metaphors that are close to our hearts and that synthesize a moving and haunting singular vision of a particular theme. When these strong images come together and are worked on through improvisations, they have potential of becoming a play. The exercises in this workshop will give the actor the ability to develop a stage presence, concentration, the use of theatrical space; and to experiment with improvisation in a number of ways to discover how to develop creativity and expressivity. Instructors: Alice Guimaraes and Gonzalo Callejas, in collaboration with Lucas Achirico.  In Spanish with live translation.

Writing with the Body with Cristina Castrillo
Saturday 8, Sunday 9 & Monday October 10, 2.30 – 6.30pm

This workshop focuses on creating a physical language inspired by our personal lived experiences and transforming them into poetic theatrical images that allow us to write with or without the use of words. The fundamental element of Cristina Castrillo’s theatrical work is memory; not only with a reference to what one remembers or thinks one remembers, but rather as that often imperceptible network of cues through which an emotion appears or a reaction directs movement. Memory is not perceived as a reproduction of facts, but as an uncharted personal geography, with which we manifest ourselves.  In Spanish with live translation.