At the end of each week, we invite you to join us in our “Conversatórios” — a series of informal round table-conversations in which researchers, artists and activists begin a dialogue on crucial issues brought up by the wide array of performances presented in the festival.

Each edition of RUTAS focuses on a particular set of themes that explore the crossroads of performance and human rights.  This year we pose a series of interrelated questions: In what ways does performance embody memory? How can performance re-member, re-call or re-claim personal and collective trauma? Can the stories we tell each other lead to greater social impact when staged across languages and cultural barriers?

Our topics for these dialogues range from testimony, to counter-histories, to memories of displacement and segregation, to methods of collective creation.

Since its inception in 2012, panamerican ROUTES / RUTAS panamericanas has been devoted to exploring the intersections of performance and human rights as well as bridging artistic and reflexive practices. Not only does Rutas bring you multidisciplinary works from across the Americas and beyond, it also creates a vibrant space for intercultural, multilingual reflection and dialogue.